OKIA project was a promotion of an advance printing  technology apply on eyeglasses call ' HDA Technology ', OKIA sponsored me and two other illustrators to Milan for the 'Mido 2011', an international optics, optometry and ophthalmology exhibition. We offered to create a mural painting performance at the OKIA booth during the Mido Design Lab. The illustrations also apply on eyeglasses with  ' HDA Technology '.

《鐵皮辦公室》animation for RTHK 《8花齊放》

《鐡皮辦公室》Tin Office / 15 mins animation

 “Tin Office” is an  animation film for the Radio Television Hong Kong, under the RTHK TV Program Commissioning. The “Tin Office”’ main characters are all tin toys, The target audience of this animation are adults, and the theme covers the situation of Hong Kong employees and what they encounter daily in their office, exaggerating into a SF / Science Fiction mode.  The duration is about 15 minutes after splicing and was fully completed end 2013. 

RTHK interview

《鐡皮辦公室》Tin Office / Character design